BBC Radio 4 Live Broadcast

The BBC were with us at St Arvans early last Sunday morning for a live broadcast of Radio 4s Sunday Worship in celebration of Saints Peter & Paul.

The sound engineers rolled into the church car park at just after 6 a.m., closely followed by the production team, musicians and the BBC Wales satellite van. It’s a very humbling thought that we were heard by an audience of 1.8 million or so – rather more than we usually welcome at St Arvans on a Sunday morning.

Our thanks to all who took part – to my parish colleague Fr Mark, to Kate who played the ‘cello (I don’t often get the chance to work with my wife; she is way out of my league) to one of our churchwardens, Verena, who read the first lesson, the inspired singing of the Cantemus Choir under the direction of Huw Williams with Dr Peter King of Bath Abbey on the organ.
As always, the members of the BBC team under their producer, Karen Walker, were the personification of kindness, patience and professionalism.

And our thanks to the holy apostles themselves for watching over us ….