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Monthly Message August 2013

July 25th sees the feast day of one of our parochial Patron Saints – that of Devauden – James the Great, the apostle of Jesus and brother of St John.

Depictions of St James in stained glass or statuary ( I can think of a particularly fine example in a friend’s parish church in the West Midlands) picture him as a pilgrim, staff in one hand, the scroll of the Gospel in the other, wearing a broad brimmed hat and a cloak often decorated with a scallop shell. Read more »


The life of a Christian is a journey, a process of constant movement and change towards the presence of God. From the earliest times Christians have journeyed to certain special places which have been associated with Our Lord, Mary, the Mother of God, or with the Saints. We travel to holy places to renew, nourish and develop our experience of faith. Each pilgrimage we undertake is a symbol of the larger pilgrimage we are making through life: we are all travelling home to God. Read more »

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